Who We Work With

Gin 1689 - The Amsterdam Craft Gin Company

Their mission is to bring back the gin from when the Gin-craze started and to tell the story of how it found its place in the world over three centuries ago.

A spirit that once had a purpose to heal people, to eventually a drink which is enjoyed and gives people a chance to unwind and celebrate the moment with friends and loved ones.

They want to celebrate that history of gin making and take the consumer back in time.

Gin 1689 - Taste the Legacy

Brouwerij De Prael - Mankind & Beer, a perfect combination

People and beer – that’s what it’s all about at de Prael. You just can’t separate one from the other, because after all, what would beer be without good company or a good conversation? Welcome to Brouwerij de Prael.

Van Moll Craft Beer

Hi, we’re Van Moll. We’re crazy about beer, which is why we brew it. In 2013 we opened a brew pub in the heart of Eindhoven – our very own flavour lab where everyone can sample our creations. Best idea ever!

We try to delight daily with exciting new tastes and flavours. We experiment and balance, treading the fine line between bold and brazen, without going over the top. A fixed selection of core beers and a varied range of exceptional specials.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, that’s when the adventure really starts. We mix tradition and knowledge with a dash of confidence and cockiness to brew up the perfect party. And that’s exactly what it is: a party for the palate for all who dare.

Look forward to seeing you. Proost!

Kompaan Brewery

Kompaan had humble beginnings, with just a few recipes and a whole lot of gusto. The brewery was founded by Jeroen and Jasper, two school friends that have known each other longer than not. They shared a zest for life and were ready to put The Hague on the craft beer map. The brewery name is based on this friendship, two companions drinking together. As a modern, young brewery making contemporary, exciting beers, the name is spelt in modern Dutch, as “kompaan”, and not “compaen”.

Beginning in 2010, Jeroen and Jasper began to brew alone and it took them two years before their first beer, now called the Bondgenoot, was born.

Double Dutch

We had to find a delicate equilibrium between spirits and the flavour combinations in our carefully crafted drinks. The result is a series of delicious substantiated drinks/spirit enhancers. Each bottle is entirely made without any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.

Uiltje Brewery - Haarlem

Their mission is pretty much monomaniacal: to brew f*cking great beer!

Brewing the best Dutch beers is what they strive for. Every single day they produce the quality beer that makes your day complete!

Brewing the best Dutch beers is what their everyday motto is, when we begin brewing the hoppy beers which you are enjoying only a couple weeks later! 

They aim to uphold the stunning quality of our hoppy beer, because the owl's got a sharp, uncompromised tongue. The process of brewing quality beer is a magical process which they enjoy to the fullest every single time. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our hoppy beer!

Gebrouwen door Vrouwen

Gebrouwen door Vrouwen (Brewed by Females) started as a hobby for 2 sisters in Amsterdam.

They have been brewing their own beer since 2013. It all started as a hobby, at home, with a 35 liter pan. But, with a lot of trial and error, they learned how to brew beer and now they know exactly how to make fresh, slightly sweet beers. The sisters are still experimenting, but have recently begun to make our best beers in bigger batches, so you can all enjoy them as well!

The sisters like to brew with a lot of herbs; with malt and with wheat.

Their mission: brew great beers. But perhaps most importantly: have a lot of fun making and drinking them!

Oersoep Brewery

Oersoep is a craft brewery with a great love for dry, sour, hoppy and funky beers. Creativity, craft and fun are the core of Oersoep.

As a quirky brewery, we hold the belief that we can excite the world with the flavours we create and love. 

We believe in a world where art & beer brings people together!

The nice thing about brewing beer today is that anything is possible. Whether it concerns brewing techniques, excessively strange ingredients, collaborations of breweries among themselves, barrel aging, we like to apply them all. And we have done that in the past 2 years and will continue to do so. There is always something to learn and/or discover in the landscape of quirky brewers and their creativity. Truly an ultimate journey that, if it is up to us, may take a long time so that you too can continue to enjoy and discover!

The brewery is the smallest fully operational brewery in the Netherlands (and perhaps in the world). Nevertheless, the brewery is fully equipped and all steps in the brewing process take place at this brewing location in Rotterdam, from milling the malt to labeling the bottles.

Brouwerij De Molen

Brouwerij de Molen" is a craft beer brewery located in Bodegraven in the Netherlands. About a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam. They are well known for their endless growing and varied collection of craft beers.

They make it their business to brew the beer styles they like best themselves. Styles like Stout, Porter, Barley Wine, Bitter, Pale Ale, Sour, Lager, and Saison. Setting their standards high up there and try to create original and progressive beers.

They have been honored with a #1 position Top Brewer in the Netherlands by RateBeerBest for years now and always among the Top 100 of the world. In February they received news of a humbling # 6 position of the world by close to half a million Rate Beerians worldwide. 

Brouwerij Poesiat en Kater

Their brewery is named after the two famous carpenters Bart Poesiat and Klaas Kater. They were two important employees at Van Vollenhoven Brewery.


Brouwerij 't IJ

‘t IJ Brewery has been brewing quality beers since 1985.

 It all started when musician Kasper Peterson looked for an official outlet for his experimental home brewing. As a member and composer of the band I, he fell in love with the Belgian style beers while touring south of the Dutch border. Since similar beers were not yet brewed in Amsterdam, Kasper decided to produce them himself.

 Searching for a suitable building to start an official brewery, he stumbled upon an old municipal bath house in disuse. It still had its water supply and drainage system, easy-to-keep-clean tiles and steam generator. It was, in short, the perfect building for a brewer. As a bonus, it had the biggest wooden windmill of the Netherlands right next door as the ultimate landmark!

Two Chefs Brewing started in 2012 with the desire to completely stock our homes with home made funky beers and we haven’t stopped brewing since. We always aim to provoke the conventional and we like to stick out our tongue to the familiar.

Brewery Emelisse distinguishes itself with a wide variety of breathtaking beer styles. 

Ranging from gentle beers to daring stouts, or the most challenging IPAs; in short, there is a suitable beer for everyone. As for the flagship range, Emelisse cherishes their annual collection of White Label-series (Barrel Aged). Beers so refined and pronounced in taste that they even amaze the most experienced Craft Beer lovers.